Late last summer, my wife and her sisters and some friends went to Thailand for one of their birthdays. It was a trip of a lifetime to say the least. Even though the travel seemed like a day and a half and I lost all track of time after seeing the sun for more than 24 hours, my luggage being lost from Japan to Thailand, and seeing a huntsman spider in our bathroom in Phuket larger than the size of my hand, I would do it all over again...except maybe the spider. (But if you're into photography and take equipment with you, make sure you take all that you need on a carryon. I have no idea what I would have done if my bags didn't get back to me in time)

We were over in Thailand for nearly two weeks, and in that time I took gigs and gigs of photo and video. We visited Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai and I wish we could've seen even more. From elephants, rafting, the floating market, street life, and just Bangkok in general, it was all an experience. I created a video detailing most of our trip. There are a few clips in the beginning of the video that were taken on my cell phone since my Canon camera was in my lost luggage, but the rest are on either the Canon or my Sony RX100V point and shoot.

Two Weeks in Thailand

Also below are a selection of pictures from our trip as well. If you haven't been to Thailand, I highly suggest you add it to your list of places to visit. We went after the rainy season, but it was still very warm when we were there.

Thailand was such an amazing place and this was an excellent trip with a great group of people. Travel photography is something that I definitely love, and I would be more than happy to have more experiences like this one as well capturing a combination of photos and videos. Photos are great and can tell a story on their own, but video just ties it all together into a cohesive narrative.


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